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Monday 20th November


Exploring Opportunities For International Collaboration In Association With the World Bank and EIB


15:00 - 16:30


Join us for a collaborative session related to climate finance roadmaps and how capital markets can be used to mitigate social and climate risk.


Held in partnership with the World Bank and EIB.


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Biodiversity Finance Day


15:15 - 16:45


Join us as we welcome esteemed speakers including Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain, Mark Halle, Alex McLean and Thomas Viegas. Engage in insightful discussions led by these experts, and together, let's address the urgent need for biodiversity conservation and sustainable finance, for the sake of our planet's health and the well-being of future generations.


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Tuesday 21st November


The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs in Sustainability


08:45 - 10:00


In our drive to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals we are faced with a range of complex issues that require the development of innovative solutions. Join us as we gain insights from three successful female entrepreneurs who have focused their businesses on addressing the challenges under E,S & G.


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How Transition Finance Will Make or Break Our Net-Zero Future


09:00 - 12:00


A dynamic and insightful Transition Finance Symposium as we delve into the critical role of transition finance in shaping our journey toward a sustainable, Net-Zero future.


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Bridging the Finance Gap: The Impact of Sustainable Finance in the Real Economy


12:30 - 13:30


There is an enormous gap between public sustainable finance commitments and the amount required to move towards a lower carbon, more sustainable global economy. A crucial part of helping to bridge this gap is allowing investors to understand and assess the impact of investments made on the real economy. Aligning this reporting with ever-increasing regulatory requirements, such as SFDR, will ultimately enhance the flow of privatecapital into these projects, helping to drive real world impacts.


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Sustainable Finance and Fintechs, Solutions To Bridge The ESG Data Gaps


14:00 - 15:00


Held in partnership with FPAI.


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Innovation in Sustainable Funds and Asset Management


14:00 - 16:00


Join us on the second day of Climate Finance Week Ireland for Transition Finance Day, where we explore the pivotal role of finance in shaping a sustainable, low-carbon future.


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Blue Bonds and Biodiversity Financing


15:00 - 16:30


Ahead of COP28 hear from world leading marine scientist and climate-risk expert Dr Deborah Brosnan about the challenges facing global marine and land biodiversity. Join IOB Members for this exclusive event to find out about some of the world's most innovative solutions to environmental and climate risks and how they are impacting their ecosystems, economies and human populations. Following Biodiversity Cop15 part II in Nairobi in October and ahead of COP 28 receive a state of play on the sources of finance associated with biodiversity including blue bonds, sustainable finance and more.


Sponsored by IOB


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The Role Stewardship Plays in Meeting our Climate Goals


15:30 - 16:30


When considering responsible investing we look at it through two lenses. The first is integrating investment preferences into portfolio, for example excluding ESG or climate laggards. The second involves our voting and engagement efforts. Both aspects play an important role in achieving investment goals, join us for this conversation on the role of stewardship in achieving our climate goals.


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A Greener Future for All  (Coillte)


16:00 - 17:00


The Irish forestry sector and Coillte have an important role to play in the achievement of Ireland’s climate action targets. Join us and learn more about Coillte’s strategic vision aims to optimise its contribution to Ireland’s climate targets.


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Wednesday 22nd November


Closing The EU Capital Markets Gap To Accelerate The Green Transition: First Ireland-France Joint Seminar on Sustainable Finance (Amundi)


14:00 - 16:00


Ireland and France, two of the main financial hubs in the EU, share the will to further improve the Sustainable Finance framework to capitalise on the European leadership. Hosted by Amundi, the first ever Ireland-France joint seminar on sustainable finance will gather top representatives from governments, business, academics and institutions from both countries to discuss the current challenges and identify ways to overcome there in a coordinated manner. This event is by invitation only, registration upon request.

Held in partnership with Amundi and the French Embassy.


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Industry Update on SFDR reporting




Irish Funds initiated a review of SFDR Level 2 disclosures and have a virtual panel discussion on initial findings. This panel will also break out Irish Funds upcoming response to the SFDR consultation.


Held in partnership with Irish Funds, kindly hosted by KPMG


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Thursday 23rd November


“You’re In Scope Because They’re In Scope” – Implications of CSRD on SMEs in the Value Chain (Webinar)


10:00 - 11:00


Chartered Accountants Ireland is partnering with Climate Finance Week Ireland to deliver a webinar on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its implications for SMEs in value chains. With effect from financial year beginning on or after 1 January 2024, companies in Ireland will begin reporting under the CSRD (and as a result, the European Sustainability Reporting Standards ‘ESRS’). Drawing on our speaker’s expert knowledge, the webinar will first describe the CSRD and the ESRS. This will be followed by a panel discussion, on how the financial services sector is transforming its own environment, social and governance profile, and the impact this will have on customers along the value chain. Building on the concept “you’re in scope because they’re in scope”, the speakers will discuss ways for SMEs to prepare for the potential impact of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.


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Sustainable Finance Education – Bridging The Skills/ Knowledge Gap




This session will open with an introduction to Sustainable Finance and ESG and we will explore the current status of where we are at in the Sustainable Finance landscape. We will discuss the key learnings of the Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals from both a learner’s perspective and also from a programme co-ordinator, lecturer, content developer and subject matter expert.


Held in partnership with The Compliance Institute.


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Does Preventing Climate Risk Depend on Reducing Social Risk and Inequality?




Financial markets are increasingly recognizing the imperative to address climate risk, but what about social risks and inequality? Worldwide, resistance to climate solutions is growing, whether due to concerns of job loss, lack of access to affordable energy, or lack of ability for less developed regions to economically grow. This session will explore emerging financial risks and opportunities relating to social issues and inequality. The investment case to reduce social risks and inequalities will be shared, including why addressing these risks are critical to advancing climate solutions. Emerging tools and resources to address social issues and inequality will also be discussed.



Held in partnership with Predistribution Initiative.


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