Livestream: Exploring Opportunities For International Collaboration In Association With the World Bank and EIB

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Monday 20th November. 15:00 - 16:30


Join us for a collaborative session related to climate finance roadmaps and how capital markets can be used to mitigate social and climate risk.


Panel 1- Ireland's International Climate Finance Roadmap – an opportunity for international cooperation with multilateral partners?


  • Combining the goals on climate financing from both, Ireland and the World Bank, what are areas of potential collaboration? Where does the panel see the greatest challenges?
  • What kind of collaboration is useful and which ones are not useful (e.g. market standards, joint projects, exchange of data, technical assistance, etc) including relevant case studies


Panel 2 - How can capital markets be used to mitigate social and climate risk? A discussion of impact bonds, catastrophe bonds and the "pay for success" structure


  • Opportunity to present and compare structures such as impact bonds, CAT bonds versus 'regular bonds'
  • "Pay for success" structures of impact bonds – are they are a feasible instrument for 'mainstream capital markets' or even for larger volume transactions?
  • What are the implications of too many outstanding CAT and impact bonds for regulators, investors and issuers?
  • Are impact and CAT bonds a possible instrument for sovereign issuers? Would they have been more efficient in financing the economic impacts from recent climate related catastrophes?


Held in partnership with the World Bank and EIB.





  • Henry Coyle - Senior Financial Officer, World Bank Treasury
  • Juan Jose Febles - Senior Climate Adviser, European Investment Bank
  • Francesca Pellegrino - Vice President, ESG Solutions Group at TD Securities
  • Michael Bennett - Head Derivatives & Structured Finance / Capital Markets / Treasury - World Bank Treasury
  • Alexander Malitsky - Director DCM SSA Team, TD Securities
  • Mark Merrigan - Head of Bond Products and Documentation, NTMA
  • Andy Palmer - Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Re Capital Markets Limited
  • Asbjørn Purup Andersen - Senior Portfolio Manager, Velliv Pension