Livestream: A Greener Future for All  (Coillte)

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Tuesday 21st November. 16:00 - 17:00 (Robinson Suite)


The Irish forestry sector and Coillte have an important role to play in the achievement of Ireland’s climate action targets. Coillte manages 440,000 hectares of primarily forested lands, about 7% of the total area of Ireland. Coillte recently launched its new forestry strategic vision which aims to sustainably balance and deliver the multiple benefits from Ireland’s state forests across four strategic pillars: climate, wood, nature, and people.


This vision will see Coillte, enabling the creation of 100,000 hectares of new forests by 2050 supporting the national afforestation target and creating a carbon sink of 18 million tonnes of CO2.


Coillte also has an ambition to enhance and restore biodiversity by increasing the area of the Coillte estate managed primarily for nature from 20% to 30% by 2025 and to 50% in the long-term.


Coillte is also committed to promoting the use and benefits of wood to help increase the level of timber homes from 20% to 80% by 2050. Using Irish wood as a locally grown renewable and sustainable construction material in place of traditional materials has carbon and climate benefits.


Join us and learn more about Coillte’s strategic vision aims to optimise its contribution to Ireland’s climate targets.





  • Imelda Hurley, Coillte CEO
  • Dr. Janice Fuller, Forest Ecologist, Coillte
  • Karen Woods, Operations Manager, The Nature Trust